Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday Feb 7 2015

What did we see on this mornings coffee round up?   Glad you asked!

Well, did you see these glorious gems and beads at the Tuscon show?   I am in awe of the (what seems to be miles of..) beads and sparkly things.  Check them out here:  I follow these guys on Facebook and am wondering how I get there next year!

And look at what this artist does with old tires!

Toby Malms mother and child want!  His stuff is simple and elegant and eloquent

Do you like the delicacy of silver filigree?  

See how its done here:

Not sure I will ever try it but it really is beautiful!

Our new postings are up on Facebook - we had fun with bangles this week.  Let us know what you like?

Remember the leather we recovered from the
furniture store....isnt it beautiful!
Here is what we made with it this week
Looking forward to chatting with you!


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