Sunday, 1 March 2015

March 2nd 2015

What a few weeks!  Did you miss me?    Had to get the computer rebuilt and so I missed our chat.    I have now made arrangements so I won't leave you lonely again!

This weeks coffee assisted wandering across the inter webs included too many funny pet videos (don't judge me)  and a rehash of the melted silver in pine needles technique (my first few tries are ....not great) and research for a few custom orders.  When I started this adventure in jewelry I didn't even think about custom orders  but they come in and I am thrilled.    With Mothers Day approaching I have orders coming in and its so much fun figuring out how to put things together.    This afternoon I will be making up two more necklaces and two pairs of earrings to join the pretty pile of chiffon bags by my front door waiting on pickup and mailing!

I won't be making these however:  Nope!  The top ten most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world are a little teeny tiny bit out of my range.    

I also wanted to fix up a ring that lost a practicing my setting techniques. This blog is good for that:

And lastly I wanted to share my treasure hunt updates.  I was perusing FreeCycle and decided to post an ad asking for broken and unwanted treasures - and in return I would donate to the food bank.  And it worked!!   I have been the lucky recipient of quite a few bags of treasure and the Food Bank is getting its donations regularly.      Plus these kind folks get to declutter, and avoid landfill!  Win!!

I thought that was pretty sharp of me,   patting myself on the back and avidly waiting for yard sale season to start!   Do you have any ideas how I can source supplies?

Hope your March is off to a good start....I will be choosing a local charity to donate a Dawnings creation to for our March good will gesture.    Ideas?

Chat soon!

p.s.  Here are some of this weeks creations - available on Facebook or Etsy.

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