Sunday, 22 March 2015

March 22 2015

You know, when I started this I didn't expect to meet so many people.    I considered craft shows to be where I would chat and learn, and connect but I was profoundly surprised by the connection with people I have found over the internet.  (Yes, yes I know, everyone else knows this,  but I didn't!)

I hosted a small jewelry party last week. Sort of a test to see if a) I liked it, b) how my displays held up, that sort of thing.  Thinking of something fun to do (and badly needing makeup) I got chatting with a lady selling  makeup via the local Ladies Who Lunch group.  So, she came along and we both did our thing, with wine and coffee, and laughter.   Lots and lots of laughter.

I loved it.    And I think I want to do it again.  Craft fairs are wonderful,  the internet sales are good,  the custom orders are gladly accepted but the home show also satiated my need for a bit of a more personal connection.

I hope my ladies loved the pieces they bought, the makeup they tried.   And I plan on doing this in the summer with a few more crafty artsy minded folks.  A garden showcase maybe!  Now I just need a garden to do it in!

Oh, and have you heard of Ladies Who Lunch?  Awesome group - community minded business women looking to connect and promote local businesses.   Amazingly supportive and just a little awe inspiring some of them - with what they have built from scratch.   I am gonna learn a lot! (Hopefully by wearing my new makeup and selling a ton!)

I couldn't lock in a local artist for March to profile.  But I did do my monthly donations.   Ladies who Lunch and Sits with Me dog rescue plus an auction item for a local family who lost nearly everything in a house fire.  Loving the fact I can do this!

Now I have to go brave the snow and minus 15 chills.    It be cold out there!


ps  We posted again this week - a few treasures to add to our horde - check us out on Facebook and Etsy!

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