Saturday, 11 April 2015

April 2015
Check us out! We were profiled again this month - on this fantastic site below.       Social media has a profound effect on small businesses,  we are able to connect with people that we never would have access to otherwise.     If you would like to be profiled on my site here, please reach out!

We continue to donate each month to a non profit - this month we donated to Ladies who Lunch,  and to a local pet rescue.    My child saw a photo on an emaciated dog on their web site and decided to donate all hard earned savings ($9.75) to support the care of this beautiful neglected animal.     We matched the donation. Then the work began...and many jobs and errands later there is over $30 in the Pet Fund jar.     While its not a lot the empathy I saw in my child warmed my heart.    So we donated some jewelry to their next auction......check them out, they do great work:

So enough preaching,  our coffee roundup time was taken up this morning with dancing around in our pyjamas at the write up so we are off to our workshop to make some pretties!!


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