Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I thought it would be nice to showcase some artists I know,  people who make beautiful things. Some sell their creations, some don't, but they all put a little beauty in the world.

Our first visiting artist is from the UK.  She is talented in many many ways - jewelry, painting, I have even seen her take origami and make funky earrings from the results.  She doesn't yet sell her stuff but we are hoping to persuade her otherwise! 


Artist:  Heidi Bailey
Location:  UK
Matierials: Silver plated wire, discarded welding tip from a oxy/acetylene torch, and sterling silver


I wanted to share an insight into my jewellery, it's not necessarily expensive or fancy, in fact some of my favourite pieces are those that I've created from discarded objects and often they are not items you would expect to find in jewellery at all.  I think it shows my personality and the way my mind works to seek treasures in the strangest things.  

For this bangle I took inspiration from curved shapes we find in nature, like sea waves and the wind-blown patterns of desert sands.  I used silver plated wire and hammered it causing the base metal (copper) to show through (I love mixed metals). 

I hammered it over a bangle mandrel to bend it into a more interesting shape and then added a thick, solid circle of copper with a sterling silver jump ring.  

This copper addition is in fact just a small cross section of an old oxy/acetylene welding tip which was in the trash at my work!  Hope you like it :)

Gotta love the creativity - taking discarded welding tips and turning them into jewelry - An artist after my own heart! 

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  1. If you wanted to contact the artist try her at: hjdbailey@gmail.com