Monday, 29 December 2014

Did you see this?    Part of social media is spreading your wings far and wide - Linkedin is a great place to get advice and converse with like minded individuals. I have had some great chats with people there - and look!   I got profiled on this website from South Africa!

Feeling so global right about now!

Big thanks to our new friend Robert Bruce Anderson!   Take a browse through the crafting world in South Africa on his site!


And did you see? New items are up for sale in my Etsy shop - take a look - recycled copper heatsinks turned into beautiful creations!

I take the heatsink, polish it, file it down a little (they are pretty rough edged) and then work them.   I cut, texture, dome, heat and generally experiment till I like the look and then (because I really love contrasts) add something - silver, pearl - who knows what I will find in my box of treasures.      
 Love these things,  the copper is gorgeous and the recycling a  huge bonus.   
<wicked laugh> Spouse is getting nervous as I keep eying all electronics now, wondering what is in them that I might use! 

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