Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Todays Coffee Roundup - And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Good Morning! And Happy New Year!

I love the holidays,  easy peasy coffee time spent browsing the internet.    I was asked this morning for photos of my table for an application I'm making to a local cool craft fair ...and of course I had those ready (ahem cough).

So,  our mission today - create a craft table display!

First I ran to the local charity shops - where I lucked into a most excellent Bombay Company find, a large tea chest.  New hinges, a good polish and that's staging area #1.

A very beaten up vintage box makes for display area #2.

Next -  a coupon search for Micheals and voila! Two eiffel tower displays at 70% off (we are thrifty!)

Wanting something natural and not so square to balance it I scoured the area while walking the dogs - and a beautiful twisted tree branch adds a little au natural to the table.

Charity store find #3 - cork mats.

And lastly I co-opted our tray from the living room table.

Finally - a run to the hardware store for eye pins to screw into the wood and cork so as to hold things steady.

What do ya' think?

I am liking image #1 better - the addition of the round cork mat adds a little balance.

Oh and hey, check out that beautiful vintage silver mirror!    Wasn't intended to buy that but its so elegant and beautiful!

Total cost:  A smidge over $38 - not too bad!

Pictures are on their way now with my application - hopefully we get in and get to meet some folks in the spring!

Hope your New Years brings you love, hope and happiness.  Spread a little cheer today!

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