Thursday, 1 January 2015

Favourite Website Roundup

Over the holidays I discovered lots of new websites while sipping Godiva Chocolate Coffee (seriously, you have to try it, its delectable!  A gift from a treasured friend!)   You might already know these sites or have  few favourites of your own...(and if you do please please share them!)

So here goes, my top ten!
  1.  Lots of free project downloads at JewelrymakingDaily:
  2.  These guys at Handmadeology have a lot of cool stuff:
  3. Everything Handmade: I am SO trying the torch fired enamel earring tutorial from here:
  4. I think everyone knows Craftsy but just in case....
  5. These guys seem to have a great appreciation for conservation and give back
  6. We lucked into some leather this (last!) year so love Ninadesigns:
  7. I know they are commercial but great service and their videos are so easy!  Fire mountain gems:
  8. Buzzfeed:
  9. These guys at Allfreejewelry have SO many how to's!
And lastly (for now at least!) 

   10. Howcast - I also got some great tips for photos here:    

Anyway, hope your Jan 1 is going well!

Let me know YOUR favourites! 

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