Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Coffee Roundup Jan 11 2015

This morning I had some lovely conversations with creators and artists on Twitter. This kind of surprised me because sometimes Twitter feels like I'm in a room of people all talking at once, so its nice to make a personal connection!

I didn't find much on my treasure hunts this week,   sometimes I luck out, sometimes I don't.     I usually have a few items in a box that I can use so I am not stuck!

We are bit random this morning, listening to Amos Lee and mellowing out.  

Where do I find my materials?  I get asked this all the time.

I try very very hard not to use new items, except for pierced earring wires and threads.

I am a constant presence at charity stores, vintage flea markets, yard sales, freecycle and kijiji.  I join every Facebook group I can find in order to trade, and discover items.    Friends and family are always dropping off little bits and pieces.      I pick up belts, keychains, necklaces, chains, bracelets, loose beads, findings and connectors everywhere I go.  

As you can imagine,  it takes a lot of time to dig through all that and find the right bead, finding, chain, stone and then clean it, polish it, take out chips, or dents.   Fix chains and findings,  partner things and take them apart when they don'   The best part is when I can create my own with pieces and solder, wire or link them somehow.

My favourites since I started are the found leather pieces from a furniture store that I still have so much exploring to do on,    the copper heat sinks (I love the colour!) and the spoons.       Who knows what will show up next!

When a piece does 'click' Im always so pleased,  the goal is to reuse things that would be thrown away, discarded or otherwise ignored.    Anything to avoid the landfill.

You may also have noticed we don't package in boxes, or on earring cards etc.  Thats on purpose as I'm trying not to add to the garbage!  I also hunt for reusable boxes and we use chiffon reusable bags so we keep the whole 'green' thing in mind.
Other coffee morning randomness:

I also discovered some awesome how to's on YouTube;

Molten silver with pine needles....interested?  I was, whoever thought of this was a genius!  The results are beautiful.

Love the celtic?    This awesomely simple tutorial by Jocelyn D shows a gorgeous celtic wire bangle being created.

And this one by CSL designs is so elegant!

Go on - give one a try!  You know you want to!

Where do YOU get inspiration?  Where do YOU find materials?

Hope you have a great week!  I posted a few new things - you can find them on Etsy.  Hope to connect with you soon!

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