Saturday, 3 January 2015

Distracted Much?

Today, today I was going to make rings. All day.  Yep, rings. Rings for your fingers, rings for your toes.   My new ring mandrel arrived this week and I thought whohoo!  I had been waiting on that for a while, and now I can get going.....and yes I did.

I made ..... earrings, three necklaces, and seven silver bookmarks from old spoons.   Hmm.  Did you see a single ring in that list?   No me neither.

Ah well,  I suppose we wait till the muse strikes us.     And on the plus side I practiced with the silver spoons, something I have been wanting to do for a while.     I picked up a dozen pretty souvenier spoons at the charity store to practice on before I use the really beautiful antique sterling spoons I have sitting just waiting to be upcycled!

So, tomorrows posting will have all this and the other items we made all this week.   I am bound to slow down a little once I'm back at work next week but its been a great two weeks just making' and mending' and fixing'.

Chat tomorrow,  posting day!

In other Dawnings news we applied to three craft fair this week - wish us luck in getting chosen!

Chat soon!

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