Wednesday, 21 January 2015

January 21 2015

Well it is 6am-ish on a Wednesday.   This weeks posting will include many bookmarks so I thought I would put a sneak preview here. When I started Dawnings I wanted to include a line of children activities or loot bags.  I don't know about you but I have no love for dollar store bags full of high colour, high sugar candy and plastic that breaks as soon as you play with it.  

So I thought, why not little kits - to make a necklace, a bracelet, a key chain or a bookmark?  An activity during the party and a party favour all in one!  I tested this out on a few of our friends children and they love making things they can keep.    A theme like animals or dragons,  a common colour to suit your party girl or boy!

And of course I have to test it out so thats what we did this week - tested the Bookmark Theory,  (doesn't that sound important!) My child and some of his friends put together some bookmarks with dragons, Chinese coins, little beads with turtles and skulls.    A great success!  My only regret is I didn't take pictures before they took them home!    

And you know we like to reuse things that otherwise get thrown away but we did buy these metal bookmarks new.   We are exploring ways to create them cost effectively (that leather I have springs to mind!)

Instructions are fairly simple;

1. Take the plain metal bookmark.
2. Select from whatever you can find - beads, chains, wires, findings, limo, mini figures.
3. Cut a piece of thick wire and using jump rings where needed attach the decorations to the bookmark.
4. Test it by gently pulling on it to ensure its really firmly attached.
5. Go find a good book and settle in your favourite reading nook!

And of course I had to get in on the action - see some of my creations below!

 Vintage green glass beads from a broken necklace 

Tiny glass bee - I never would have a use for him in my jewelry - so 
Im loving that I found him a home here!  There were a few of these in my treasure box - a lovely bright red cardinal, a bee, a little bug.    You can see them all on Sunday!


This was a lot of fun to do with my child,   and his friends.     Think the loot bag thing will work?   Let me know in the comments!!

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