Saturday, 10 January 2015

Guest Artist:  CADIA

Hello Everyone,

This guest artist has some of the most beautiful creations I have seen, I am coveting SO many of these pieces!

Artist:  Cadia


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Biography: Born in Benevento, but Florentine by adoption.  Cadia's obsession for the goldsmith's art has led her, since adolescence, to follow an educational path to become a goldsmith jeweller.
Cadia started her training in Florence, around the age of sixteen, with a course of wax sculpture then she continued with a two-years jewelry course at the Goldsmith centre "Il Tari" in Marcianise (Province of Caserta).  Afterwards she continued in  in Naples, with a Diploma in Applied Arts (Metals branch), then in Vicenza with the qualification of Goldsmith operator and finally in Florence for a Master's degree in Culture and Style of Fashion and a specialisation course in ancient Florentine goldsmith's techniques. 
Nadia has for six years been assistant of two goldsmiths in a Professional institute (Metals branch), dealing with everything concerning the jewelry environment: projects (freehand drawing with pencils and watercolours or with design softwares as Rhinoceros), and objects production (both unique pieces that serial ones).
She participates in several competitions both national and international, in trade shows abroad, and she's presently working on her new Gothic-inspired collections.

 Moon Bubbles rings: 

Bronze ring, galvanic rhodium plating and liver of sulfur oxidised crust.

Nabucco collar:
Bronze collar with bath in 18K rose gold, Honey colour crystal multifaceted Cabochon-cut, treated leather string.

Nabucco ring:Bronze ring with bath in 18K green gold (Etruscan gold), Citrine quartz multifaceted Cabochon-cut.

Semi earring: silver sterling earrings with synthetic gold leaf.

I think you will agree Cadia has a beautiful eye for these things!  Check out her site!
Chat soon!


ps Oh, and our weekly postings go up tomorrow - stay tuned!

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