Wednesday, 24 December 2014

For a good cause!

We got asked to donate a piece of jewelry to a local charity - what a good cause.    We got all generous of spirit and offered to donate to a few other auctions in aid of things like literacy, pet rescue, sick children.    

So, we are thinking this too should be a regular thing!   So, once a month  we will donate a piece to a worthy cause and pop a photo up here along with a link.     Maybe you could do the same?  

December - The Feminist Twins & Adopt a Family
January - Immermans Angels!    Check it out!  I think we got the feel of the logo pretty well!   One necklace, one keychain!

February -
March - 
April - 
May - 
June - 
July -
August -
Sept -
Oct -
November - 
December again! -

I will keep updating the list as things come up!   

Got a favourite charity auction you want a donation for?  Let me know! 

From all of us at Dawnings we wish you a Happy Christmas and a very prosperous, safe and healthy New Year!

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